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What the Heck? Swedish Death Cleaning?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Swedish Death Cleaning, also known affectionally at Lighten Up as, Know Where Your Stuff Goes Before You Do! is a method that helps you tidy before it's your time to go. Oh what a wonderful world we would live in if everyone cleaned up after themselves. I was first handed The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family From a Lifetime of Clutter after I mentioned taking my organizing dream and making it real to a friend. To say I fell in love with the Author Margareta Magnussen is an understatement. This woman is a gem. And the book is a pure delight.

After reading it realized I had indeed death cleaned for my grandparents, when they were forced to transition into alternate housing following illness. Who knew it was a thing? Back then I took the time to see what they wanted, and who would get what in accordance to their wishes. It was time well spent with them, and helped ease the burden of what to do with all the stuff as the transitioned.

Your lifetime of accumulation is yours to deal with, and simply put Death Cleaning, a wonderful gift you can give to your family and yourself. As you age, and your needs change, as does your need for certain stuff. That garage full of unorganized tools that you haven't used in years; The craft room full of things you like, but are doing nothing with; The doll collection that you love, but have no way to show or store. You can and will find a better home for your prized items and feel good about without the worry of your family basically throwing it out due to not having time to dealt with your stuff.

I personally love the idea of Swedish Death Cleaning. The whole idea and concept have great appeal. To be able to take stock of your stuff, to see your life in mementos, and to make the choice about what to do with all of it when you are gone, just sends me into personal empowerment happiness.

Death Cleaning is an exciting time and anyone nearing retirement is in the unique position to begin clearing their space for what is to come. It is a great time to ensure you have your personal documents together, and your personal items placed in a box to be burned if you have a few leftover love letters you'd rather keep to yourself. Death Cleaning is to be celebrated and rewarded. I would be more than happy to accompany you on your path to a lighter life.

So don't be afraid of the name or the concept. Living a lighter life, and getting rid of what really doesn't matter to you now, will help keep you moving forward on your new path. And your family will love you a little extra knowing you cleaned up after yourself and therefore they have more time to celebrate and honor your life.

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