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Lighten Up
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Professional Organizer
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Lighten up is a Professional Organizing and Life Coach Company based in Eugene, Oregon.


At Lighten up we help you organize your space in a way that feels both functional and tailored to your best life. We specialize in downsizing, whole home reorganizations, room reorganizations, kids and teen rooms, empty nesting, garages, storage units, aging in place, senior downsizing including Swedish death cleaning, packing to move out, and quick move in services. Let us help keep you organized as we create a space that feels lighter for you. 


We promote empowerment, non judgment, and kindness with a reduce, reuse, recycle mindset. You don’t need more things in your house, or to feel bad about where you are at, you need to live well and Lighten Up. 

Let's Meet

Hi. I'm Jill. Your Home Organizer and an Expert in Lightening Up.

A planner and highly organized person at heart, Jill has always been looking for ways to stay organized and be happy. She revels in change. There are few things that create more joy for Jill than diving into an organizing project and helping people live their best lives.  She thrives in creating new spaces for functionality and best living practices. 

Jill has a passion for aging, and understands that during every stage of life, there are new challenges to be faced. Sometimes the biggest challenge is managing and organizing the accumulation of things one has acquired to date. She draws on her BA in Psychology, Masters in Aging, and her Master Certification as a Life Coach with emphases in Happiness, Life Purpose and Goal Setting, to help guide people on their path to organizing spaces they fully enjoy and let go of the things that weigh them down. 

Her free time is spent trying to beat her kid at Tetris (sometimes winning!), hiking with Audible, playing pinball, working out and meditating

Our Services

Lighten Up offers a variety of services to meet your organizing needs. For your home we offer whole home and single room reorganization and are happy to work in the garage or shed too. We enjoy helping transform kids rooms to teen rooms, and empty nests into fresh spaces for the home.   For your moves we offer pre move packing, storage unit organization, and quick move in services.  One of our specialties is working with our seniors and their families to downsize homes so that the senior may move onto their next adventure. Lighten up is ready to meet you where you are and help to get you organized. 

Happy Clients' Homes


Jill respectfully addressed my situation and provided the skills and focus needed to organize my most daunting rooms. She explained the process and now I have a plan in place to keep everything functioning. Thanks Jill! 

Reagan H.

I live alone and have always struggled to stay organized. My house became full of stacks of paper, projects on the floor and pictures that never made it to the wall. Jill helped me to get organized and determine what equipment I needed to stay that way. Working with Jill to clear my space has lightened my load and freed me to focus on things I really want to do.

Adam B.

If you find yourself surrounded by clutter  or wish you had a well organized space, Jill will get you on the right path. She is diligent, hard-working and thoughtful - and will guide you through the tough spots.

Tammy S.

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