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Are you ready to Lighten Up with Jill!?

Updated: May 18, 2023

Hi and Welcome to Lighten up with Jill! A space created to help you find more order and joy in your life. I'm Jill, your guide. Some people call me crazy but I looovvee to tidy, organize and clean. (No bathrooms. I figured out how to reassign that task to increase my home happiness.) I also loooovveee self discovery and finding the good in every day. Even the bad ones. I hope to use this blog to touch on things that excite me as they relate to living a lighter life. For starts I dare you to play Heaven Sent by The Steeldrivers and not find a smile and a groove. I happy dance and smile big every time I hear it.

In this space I hope to pass along information and how I feel it is relevant to living a more authentic orderly life. I'd like to share books, articles, music, meditations, fitness tips, and how these tools have helped me grow and increase my light. I hope to touch on all the "stuff" throughout the age span, and the challenges of a lifetime of accumulation. In the end I'd just like this blog to be a space that suits my fancy, and maybe you will find something that helps you and suits your fancy too.

I am ready to help people dig into their "stuff" and get real about their things. I'm interested in hearing people journeys, learning from them, and finding ways to make their next days lighter, happier, and content. I am ready to share how I smile almost everyday and what it takes to lives lighter. I am a constant work in progress, and know nothing of blogging, but am moving full steam ahead, and we shall see how long it lasts. Infinite Possibilities!

If you are ready to Lighten up your Space, outside and inside, come along for whatever ride this blog becomes. You are loved. And probably a total Rock Star in your own life. In case you didn't know.

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